What Our Customers Say About Us

"Great food and drinks.  Nice homey atmosphere."
— Amy
"Amazing people, great atmosphere, doesn't get much better than that..."
— Missy
"Food is amazing and staff is awesome.  Definitely recommend this place if you are looking for great food and fun atmosphere."
"I just wanted to thank you for adding a special touch to my  day with taking the pic of all of us and the free Bloody Mary.
That was very thoughtful of you.

We all liked our food and will spread the word that you are open. I hope your business does very well and with hospitality like you gave to us, it definitely will."
— Joyce
"Awesome food...great staff...friendly atmosphere." 
"Great service.  Great food.  Great people.  Thanks again Fred and Amy.  Great Sunday breakfast!"
— Pete
"Nice staff!  Very fair prices!  Who doesn't want to eat in a barn anyway?  Fun."
— Lynn
"Great place to meet friends, great service and friendly people."
— Howard